Friday, December 7, 2012

Gimme a break!

Wednesday I finished my last final for the semester.  Not only did I finish it....but I CRUSHED it!  I, Alisha, aced that test!  100% baby!  I felt amazing for ending the semester with a big fat A!  I may have over celebrated.  (Yes, I said over celebrated!)

(Cafe Rio is my ultimate weakness!)
(Mmmmmmm.  Pork Salad.....Mmmmmmm)

Thursday rolled in and I did nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  I may or may not have been in my PJs most of the day.  I bummed around and didn't feel even the least bit guilty about it.  I messed around with my blog...did you notice?  :)  I'm still working on changing a few things...and updating my story.  I've shared it in bits and pieces through my posts but I want to get it all out there.  Then when I pick up new readers, they can click the "My Story" to understand where I came from.  Like I've always said...I'm a work in progress (in every aspect of my life)!

That brings us to today.  Friday.  I decided that I was going to make the most of my Christmas-6-week-school-break.  I got Bubba all bundled...socks mittens and all!

And up my mountain I went.  (My mountain = the large mountain directly in front of my is steep.  Real steep.)  Only today I decided instead of making one trip up my mountain I would shoot high and get two in.  

Along the walk I noticed Bubba had fallen asleep.  He absolutely loves our walks.  He is so good while I'm out there, and today he actually relaxed enough to fall asleep.  (Good thing after two...TWO...4:45am wake-ups.)

I ended up walking 7.28 miles and it took me 1:44 to finish.  
By the end, I was tired.  And my legs were sore.  (I'm telling you, big incline!!!)  But I was glad I did it!  

Isn't that how all workouts are?
We dread them.
We put them off.
They are painful.
They make us tired.
And when they are done, we feel amazing for finishing it!

As for the scale...
right now we are BFFs!  I love Friday's.  My body hangs on to weight, hangs on to weight.  Then between Thursday and Friday that weight finally comes off and the scale drops!  This week it was BIG!

Last Thursday I weighed in at 159.4
Yesterday I weighed in at 156.0
Today...TODAY I weighed in at 154.9!



  1. Hooray on acing that last test of the year!!! You and Bubba are too cute!!! Note to Bubba: please stop waking your mama up at 4:45, let her sleep :) Love your new blog design too!

  2. Congrats, Smarty pants.....I found mynew study-buddy ;0) You are amazing, girl!

  3. Congrats on the big fat A!!! Your new look is great. I was about to email you to see if you needed any help, but looks like you got it all on your own! :)


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