Thursday, December 13, 2012


Yesterday was a good day...mostly.  I won't go into the "mostly" details because no one likes a downer!

I was able to make it up my mountain...slowly.  But when I got to the top, I sat and reflected for a while.  You see, just over 3 years ago we were basically the first ones out in our subdivision to buy a lot.  We've waited and waited for neighbors to come.  And over the years, we've been happy with our little neighborhood.  But, within the last 6 months the area has BLOWN UP!  (And there are another 90 homes under contract to be built shortly!)  Yes.  Blown up!  It was amazing to me to look at the difference 3 years can bring.  And then it made me sad.  Sad, because I know we won't be living in our cute little house for very much longer.

I couldn't be happier for Jason and his career!  He's really found an amazing company to work for!  One who values him, and rewards him for all his hard work!  I feel so blessed.  But my heart aches knowing what we are going to have to leave behind in a few short months to become a family under the same roof again.

My heart aches for the friendships I've built and will have to say good-bye to.

My heart aches every time I see my girls heading out the door to play with neighborhood friends!  They really have it good here.  There are so many little girls their ages, they always have someone to play with.  Who knows if we will ever be able to find something even remotely similar!

My heart ached yesterday when I scheduled Connor's 2 year old check up, knowing this would be the last doctor visit we have with the best pediatrician.  I tear up every time I think about having to find another doctor for my kids.  If you could only see the way he treats his little patients!  If you could only see how much he loves what he does!

My heart aches for so many things in relation to what is to come for our family.

And while change is necessary, and can be, change is hard.

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  1. I felt that way when I moved last. We moved to my husband's while everything was familiar to was all new to me. Everything was daunting. Finding a hairdresser, dentist, where to have my clothes cleaned....but after about 1.5 years, it really feels like home. I just had to quit the comparisons, and just enjoy the new place.


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