Friday, December 14, 2012

Babe before Baby

Post edit:  I had this blog post scheduled in advance, knowing I had written the post over at babe before baby.  Then, today something terrible and tragic happened.  My heart is aching.  I have tear stained cheeks.  And I am squeezing my babies all a little tighter today.  Please take a moment, pause, and send a prayer to all those suffering after the tragic losses in Connecticut today.  

Today I have a very special treat for you!  My sweet friend Karri from Babe before Baby asked me to do a blog guest post for her today.  This was my very first guest post, and I was a little nervous about it!  I met Karri through the blogging world, and she has quickly become a dear friend!  She's absolutely gorgeous, funny, witty, honest, with just the right amount of snarkiness!  So do me a favor...head over to her blog and check it out.  And while you are there....send some love her way, and let her know I sent you!

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