Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Never again in my life time will I see another awesome day like today.  Today would be the day I chose to have a baby...or get married...or do something AMAZING.  But because I'm already married, and I'm definitely not pregnant, I'll have to find something else amazing to do.

It's going to start with walking my mountain!

Thank you for the advice and support I was given yesterday through FB, emails, blog comments, and texts!  You all are great!!!  I decided to take a hard close look at how I was feeling.  I mean, sure, I had no voice.  But how was I really feeling.  I had a cough, I wanted to stay in my PJs...but really, part of that was just because I wanted to be lazy.  So I decided to try out a quick run.  And run I did.  No, I didn't get in the full 5 miles that I was scheduled.  But, I got in 4 of them!  Tomorrow, I'm planning to do the same thing...go out for a run, but listen to my body.  And when it says stop, I stop.  But if it's being a wimp, I push on.

So to make the most of today, what are you going to do?  Eat 12 donuts?  Go on a 12 mile walk?  Do 12 jumping jacks?  Seriously, do something cool today.  Me?  I plan to do 12 random acts of kindness for strangers today and I'm going to include my kids in the project!!!  (I'll give you the full run down later...)

I'm off to walk my mountain with my Bubba.  He loves the mommy/son time...actually, he just loves being outdoors!  Watch my Instagram for pictures from our adventure...

Lastly, I leave you with my prized possessions!  Last night I let them stay up later because they were getting along so well!  Man, I love them.  Sometimes I get exhausted from being their mother, but I sure love my kiddos...

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