Monday, January 16, 2012


Today is Monday.  (In case you don't read the header above this, and if you do....I like to state the obvious.)

I had a pretty good day today.  I tracked well!  Really well.  I made dinner for the 3rd night in a row!  THIRD NIGHT IN A ROW PEOPLE!

You see, I have had trouble with the whole cooking thing.  (Perhaps another reason I have been slowly gaining my weight back??)

So this week I was determined to get back to the kitchen...and I have.  And it has been good.  (At least I think so!)

Tonight we had Lazy Day Lasagna.

(I might have forgotten to take the picture until AFTER we were finished...what can I say?  It was good!)

The family LOVED this recipe!  5 out of 5 stars!  

(I rank the stars by family members who finish the entire serving without complaining or whining that they don't like it.....)

And the best part, it was filling...very filling!  The whole meal came to 8 WW pts.  Mmmmmmm.

I also got a friendly run in again today.  Friendly, because I didn't feel like my lungs were on fire....maybe just about to catch on fire.

The good news, I did better than last run.  (Really, it would have been pretty pathetic to have done worse...)

I went from a 12:13 mile to a 11:18 mile.  Hooray for almost shaving a minute, right?  We'll see where tomorrow takes me...


  1. I'd love the recipe for Lazy Day Lasagna. Do you have a link?

  2. Good job! I actually find that when I eat pasta dinners that they end up being okay on points. Like if we use it in a soup that is virtually no points. There is no point in getting full off of "free foods" when you need to use the points..ya know? ha.


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