Thursday, January 12, 2012

Check in

Today was my WW day.

Sadly, I have some pretty sick kids.  (Actually, I'm down to only 1 sick kid now...the other went back to school.  We've had the stomach bug floating around here.)  I think we are just about over the sickness, but the sick one still complains of a tummy ache, so I didn't wanna risk it!

Nonetheless, I still went to weigh in.  (Just missed the meeting part.)  I am all about accountability right now!

And despite giving in to an icecream milkshake last night...I was still down.  (BARELY.)  But I was down.


The good news?  Jason is home right now so I have major running plans set.

After all, I have a marathon to prepare for.  At one time I was going to run the Sand Hollow marathon, that is...until I found out it's an out and back race.

I can't do out and back races.

There is something about running and running and running a LONG ways, just to know I have to turn around and run all that way back.  ICK!  I'd much rather run and know I never have to look back again...

So, I found another race to focus on.  Only, this one isn't until July 24th.  It's the Deseret News Marathon, up in Salt Lake City.  (If my brain is accurate, it's actually the marathon my dad raced in many, many years ago!)

So I'm working on building my stamina for that race.  And trying to work out a routine that will allow me long runs with a hubby always gone.

So tonight...I run.

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