Saturday, January 14, 2012

My plan

Remember how I told you I was running a marathon?

Well, I am.  THIS marathon.

So.  I figured it was time to start running.
Consistently running.

A while back I found a great "starter" marathon training.  I am planning to use it, and hope it gets me ready for the big race in time.

Here is a sample of the training:

I adjusted it for the race I'm going to be running, along with the days I'm able to run (due to school, kids, and sometimes no husband.)

As you can see, my "official" first week isn't until January 29th.  
But, I knew it was going to be UGLY. 

I also knew that I needed to start.
You see, if I keep putting things off....then I'll always put things off.

I need to see change, so I need to BE change.
I haven't been incorporating a ton of exercise in my daily routine, and I knew that needed to change.

I had plans to run.
(You get my point.)

Each day I woke up, telling myself...
"self, TODAY you are going to run."

Each day would running shoes still in the closet.

Today I woke up.  
(In more than one way.)

I decided today I had to stop postponing the inevitable.
Either I go to work, either I start moving more, either I start running.....
OR, I don't.  Or I stay where I'm at, slowly gaining what I've worked so hard to lose!

So today I ran.
I am using Nike+ to track my runs.  
I like this program, I've used it in the past. 
(Although I reset everything to have a "fresh start".)

(If anyone uses this, please "friend" me... alishabowling @ hotmail . com)
(notice the spaces in my email address so I don't get spammed...make sure you delete them!)

The program is awesome!  It works with iPhones, iPods, or you can buy a chip and it uploads directly online.

As I'm running, there are many options...  
*I can hand select the playlist I want to run to. 
*I can set it up for either a timed run or a distance run, or a free run.
*It interrupts my music throughout the run, letting me know when I'm 1/2 through, when I've hit milestones, letting me know my pace.
*When I'm through with my run, I can add notes about the run.
*It maps my GPS coordinates.
*I can log on and see my run after, even showing my paces throughout the entire run.
*And really, so much more!

So here was todays PATHETIC run.
(Did I mention, my lungs KILLED!) 
(Yes.  I am THAT out of shape!)

I plan to try and keep up my progress here, I think it would be nice to see the improvements I make.
(I only have improvements to make from this point!!!)

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