Friday, January 25, 2013


A person without a plan is usually a person without direction.  And usually when I have no direction, I wander aimlessly.  Wandering aimlessly usually leads to frustration.  

None of these things are going to help keep you on track!

To be on track, to stay on must have a plan!  Maybe your plan is simple, maybe it's complex.  Maybe you are like me and feel you have to plan your plan.

I am in the stage of adjustment.  Adjusting to the business of life.  Adjusting to a new semester in school.  Adjusting to a new pregnancy.  I know HOW I want to live my life right I need to have a plan to actually do it.  Because without a plan, time slowly slips by and before I know it a day has become a week and a week is now two...get my drift?

So MY plan is to go back to the basics.

Just because I'm growing a human inside my body doesn't mean I have to sit around and be a slug.  Just because I'm growing a human inside my body doesn't give me permission to eat anything in site.

Honestly, it's the eating right now that has me concerned.  I've been SO hungry.  Like RIDICULOUSLY hungry ALL. THE. TIME!  All I can do is think about about food.  And I'm trying to not be too obsessed about it.  I'm trying to listen to my body.  So now, I'm going back to the basics.  I'm going to track my food choices.  While I might be hungry all the time, it doesn't mean I should be choosing a bowl of ice cream when the hunger hits.  Instead, I need to focus better on smart choices!  So here I go again, dusting myself off and trying to learn and do better.....

What about you?  Do you have any tips on following your plan?  Do you have a plan?  How do you dust yourself off and ignore the urge to dive head first into the apple crisp?  Please, send me your tips before my pants get any tighter.....I should not have to be wearing maternity clothes in my first trimester!  I refuse!  :)

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  1. Fire up your Vitamix :) Green monsters (light on the green) with lots of frozen fruit like berries and pineapple mixed with 1 cup of cold water are awesome for cravings. You'll get more energy from the healthy foods, sweetness for your sweet tooth, and the feeling of fullness. If you get the right mix of sweet fruits and water they taste like a grown up Icee!


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