Monday, January 7, 2013

Constantly Amazed

Today I am at a loss for words.  The overwhelming amount of emails and support I've received in response to my last post was amazing.  Thank you.  Really, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!

Last week, I was contacted by one of our local news outlets.  They explained their desire to run a story on m.  Seriously?  Me?

I was honored.  And surprised.  And excited.  And touched.

And today, I logged on and saw it in print.  There, in black and white.  The beautifully written article about me, about my story.  (Thank you Alexa Morgan!)

I cried.

I never expected this.  I never could have imagined the support and love.  I never could have expected the interest into what I share.  I truly feel so blessed.

Each time I log into my email today, I have new messages of love from readers.  You have no idea how much that means to me!  Thank you for sharing your stories with me.  Thank you for caring about mine.

My hope for this blog is still the same as it was the day I started it.  My hope is to help others (maybe YOU) realize the full potential they have!  My hope is that you will realize that change starts small, but can turn into amazing things.  I didn't get my health back overnight.  I didn't find happiness again overnight.  It took me many, many years.

But it happened!

And it can happen for you too!  I know it can!  So where ever you are at today, find something you can do that will take you in the direction of the person you want to be.  Just one simple thing.  Then repeat that simple thing tomorrow, and we can build from there! 


  1. The article is beautifully written! You are making a HUGE difference in people's lives with your inspiring story. So happy for you that you're getting so much support and acknowledgement for your hard work :)

  2. Thank you Denise, for always supporting me! You have no idea how much your story has inspired me!


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