Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Curve Ball

Have you ever noticed that life is pretty good at throwing you curve balls?

In my days, I've been thrown many curve balls.  Some are pretty easy to swing at and hit.
Others, not so much...

In the past, sometimes the curve balls struck me out.
Sometimes, they even had me sitting on the bench for a long while.

You see, it's easy to just throw your hands in the air and feel all is lost when things don't go as planned for you!  Trust me, I've been there.  Remember my long story.....I lived that life for a long time.

Here's what I've learned:
Curve balls will keep coming!
Life never goes just as we plan.
And honestly, I'm glad it doesn't!

I would have never, NEVER, asked for some of the curve balls I've had in the past.
However, they have made me such a stronger person.
They have shaped me into who I am today.

So while I don't know all that lies ahead for my family, 
I do know that I'm prepared for this peanut of a curve ball.
And I don't plan to let it take me out of the ball game.
I don't plan to let it put me on the bench.

That is precisely the reason I'm continuing on with my race this Saturday.
No, I don't expect to set a PR in the race.
I don't even expect to run the whole thing.
I expect to try. 
I hope to finish!

You see, there are many times in life that we could just throw in the towel.
We could say, 'whatever, the plans I had don't matter anymore.'
But the plans do matter. 
Even if they aren't working out as you thought they would.
It is important to dust yourself off and adjust anytime a curve ball is thrown!

So that is what I continue to do.
Dust myself off, and continue on.

Wish me luck on Saturday!
(I'll need it based on my runs of late...)


  1. So true! Why can't I tell myself that at times?!

  2. Very well said and keep on swinging, your helping others pick up the bat they may have dropped.

  3. We'll be with you every step of the 13.1, Alisha!!! Your resilience and determination will get you through to the end and we'll all be cheering for you :)

  4. Life is all about adapting to the current situation and making the best of what you have been given. You have come an amazing distance and done amazing things. I find that when life hands me a challenge there is always a lesson to be learned, even if I don't want or appreciate that lesson at the time. I always look back and know that it was for my benefit.
    You are an amazing person and I know that you can make the best of the challenges that lie ahead. I wish you the best of luck in the race!

  5. Wishing you the best of luck tomorrow! I know you can finish and I can't wait to read your post on how it goes :)


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