Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I have been busy.  But have I been too busy to blog?  Maybe.  Or maybe I just feel blah with not much to say.

Pregnancy blues?  Winter blues?  Or just plain old blue blues.  Whatever they are, they stink!  I'm ready to start feeling normal again.

Since the half marathon I've done just about nothing as far as exercise goes.  Really.  I haven't even stuck my fitbit on because it's been THAT pathetic.

I had been feeling pretty dang good.  Then I got on the scale.  I realized I'm up 8 lbs from the start of this pregnancy.  8 pounds already and I'm only 12 weeks.  Ugh.  I was hoping to keep it under 5 for the first trimester.  My ultimate goal is to stay under 180 for the whole pregnancy.

So, because I felt I was gaining too fast, I started snacking a little less.  (Before anyone jumps down my throat...I was still eating plenty for this baby and myself.  Before I was getting carried away with the food, I reigned myself in...but was not starving myself or the baby.)  

The problems started soon after.  Puking.  You see, I'm realizing that the more consistently I eat, the less I puke.  And since puking sucks, I'm reverting back to uncontrollable eating.

(You think I'm joking.)  (I'm not!)

Today I've been munching on and off all day.  Basically there is always food around me.  I am always eating.  Sometimes good choices, sometimes not so good choices.  But as long as their is food going down, there is not puke coming up.  (TMI?)

So maybe I'll gain 3924082304982309 pounds in this pregnancy.  But if it means I'm not puking, whatever.  I say whatever.  But really, I feel like it's a double edged sword.  I feel I have to pick the lesser of the evils.

Then.  I realized that maybe, just maybe, since I was gaining back my energy...if I added in some walking, or <gasp> running I would counteract all the eating I'm doing.  So that's the plan for this week.  (Oh.  It's Wednesday.  I guess that's the plan for 1/2 the week.)

As far as baby goes...s/he is growing great.  I had my first ultrasound a few weeks back...

And we find out the gender on the 25th of this month!!!  EEEK!

And just because it's been a while since I posted, I'll leave you with some recent pics of the happenings in our life...enjoy.  (They are completely fitness unrelated....whatever.)

Yes, even in sunny Saint George we get SNOW!  ugh.  (Like once a year.  But still!) 

However, most days look beautiful like this! 

Yep.  That's a selfie...

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