Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Yesterday was an exciting day for our family!
Ultrasound...gender reveal day.

My mom made the trip down, she wanted to see the ultrasound and be here for the big reveal.
It was sure fun having her around for a few days...
although I think we might have bored her with the early bed times.
But she was a good sport, and the kids LOVED having her here to spoil them!

Yesterday (Monday) morning was my doctors appointment...bright and early.
We had decided that we were not going to find out at the ultrasound what the gender of this baby was.
Instead, we had my amazing doctor (yes, he really is THAT amazing) write it down in a sealed envelope.
We then took that envelope to a yummy bakery.  
Thank you to 25 and Main for your help in making this happen!!!

25 and Main baked me a dozen cupcakes...
vanilla cupcake, vanilla frosting.
Then they took my envelope, opened it up and put a filling of the appropriate color 
(based on the gender we were having)

It was a long 2 hours...I was anxious to find out.
The girls got home from school early yesterday, which ended up being the same time the cupcakes were done.

As we got home, we all put in one last guess for this baby's gender:

Jason:  boy
Alisha:  girl
Mikayla:  boy
Kaitlyn:  girl
Connor:  just wanted a cupcake ASAP
My mom:  girl

And then just like that, we let the kids dive in to the cupcake!

It was so fun to see their excitement!!

After the cupcakes were eaten, we opened up the envelope to reveal the ultrasound pic...

The funniest part of the afternoon happened a little later.
While sitting in the living room, I would say to Connor:
"Connor, it's a baby boy!"

EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. he would make this same face!

It was priceless!

Needless to say, we are very excited about this addition to the family.
Now...if only we could come up with a name!


  1. What a cool way to reveal. Congratulations on your new little guy.

  2. So sweet!! I love the cupcakes idea! Congrats on the new baby boy! :)

  3. Awww how sweet!! Congrats on the boy!!! <3

  4. So excited for you!!! Such a cute way to find out :)

  5. Love how you did this! So sweet :)

  6. This is so cute! Congratulations :)

  7. Congratulations! Conner is so cute! I'm sure he can't wait for the arrival of his baby brother. :) May you have a healthy pregnancy. By the way, love the excitement that you did with the cupcake surprise, t'was very creative of you. :)

  8. Connor looks so excited to have a baby brother. Congrats! You have a wonderful family. Take care always!

  9. How's your pregnancy going so far? Hoping for a healthy baby boy. Connor must be so happy to know that he's going to have a baby brother soon. Stay happy! :)


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