Friday, October 21, 2011


I recently bumped into an old friend. I smiled at her but she didn't say hi like I would have expected. So, I went over and approached her.

It was only then I realized why she had ignored me.

She instantly said "oh my! Alisha I didn't even recognize you! You are so small!!"

I laughed and didn't think much else of it.

Until yesterday that is.

This time thankfully the person recognized me because I didn't even see him or his wife. He told me he would have never recognized me if he hadn't seen my recent picture on Facebook.

The point of this? I think I should take those as compliments, right? I guess I still think of myself as looking the same to people. I guess I had no idea what effect weight has on how a person looks...

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  1. Totally doubt about it! I remember 10 years ago...that it was in between my junior and senior years that I had lost some weight over the summer and when I went back to school I kept getting compliments and I was like what? What are you talking about. I really don't remember losing any weight...maybe a couple of pounds, but apparently it made a big enough difference that people noticed. That felt good. I can only imagine what you feel like 70 pounds lighter!!! Crazy/awesome!!! I love your 70 pound examples. It reminds me of the Biggest Loser when they have the contestants carry around the weight they've lost and they are did I do it before? Anyways, I'm still loving this blog! Sorry my comment is so long! ha.


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