Saturday, July 9, 2011


For the last 2 days I've been really focusing on upping my steps taken in a day!  I have read many times that if you want to lose weight, your daily steps should be above 10,000.  I wore a pedometer earlier in the week and walked just my regular amount to see how much I usually get in.  Shockingly, only about 4,000. So Thursday and Friday of this week I really upped my game!  Thursday I ended with 14,368 and Friday I ended with 13,904.  I was happy.

I was especially happy Friday morning when I woke and saw my scale shows me down 1.5 pounds.  And this morning it shows another 1 pound.  I won't know for sure until I weigh in at WW because my scale is so unpredictable, but at least I know it's helping me head in the right direction.

And maybe, just maybe by Monday I'll hit 2 BIG 10% AND being in the 70's for the first time since I was first married!!!

You might be wondering how I'm getting in my steps.  You know, considering it's summer in St. George so temperatures are 110+ all day until 10pm or later.  And you know, with Jason living away right now...there's a babysitter issue.  Trust me, I have thought about making that excuse.  The excuse of "well my husband is working out of town indefinitely so I can't work out right now."  Then, it occurred to me...if I let myself make that excuse, I'll find a hundred other that will work too!

So, I made due with what I have.

Wii Fit.

I've used this off and on for years.  I like it okay.  I say just "okay" because the only thing I find useful on the program is the "Advanced Stepper" program.  I really like that program, the downside:  no variety.  The "game" lasts 5 minutes.  It consists of stepping on and off a step board in sync with the game.  I basically repeat the game over and over and over and over again.  Thursday and Friday I did an hour of it in the morning, and then made myself get back on and do another hour at night.

Can I just say that I am feeling it!!  Especially in my calves!  Hopefully all the time I'm putting in pays off...

On a side note, I'll be heading out of town to visit Jason in South Carolina soon.  I pack up and leave for Salt Lake on Monday.  I'll be spending some time with family up there and dropping the girls off with grandparents.  Then Friday the 15th I will fly out and be back east for like 9 days.  Why am I documenting this?  Because I'm scared!  I can pretty much guarantee that I will be eating out almost every meal back there!  Not long ago we had a WW meeting about staying focused while on vacation, I am going to work so hard to do that!  I am planning to make smart choices, and not just let myself go.  I am holding myself accountable because I WILL come home down.  I will NOT come home the same weight, or even worse...up.

How will I do this?  I am going to stick with the steps.  While Jason is working during the days, I am planning to take Connor out and around the city.  I will not be satisfied with just 10,000 steps...because I'm on vacation, I feel I need to up my exercise to make up for unpredictable eating.  So I will be walking a minimum of 15,000 steps a day!!!  (That seems like a lot, huh?)  Well, I think it's very doable if I'm out and active...not just sitting in the hotel room.  And what happens if at the end of the day I am short?  Well, there is a treadmill at the hotel.  I will make myself get on it until I reach my daily minimum!

I think that in short sums things up.  Now, I'm off to get ready for my busy next 2 weeks.  But don't worry, I won't leave ya hanging!  I'll also be accountable to log on here and update my results...hopefully GOOD RESULTS!  :)

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