Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Things

While this might look like just another key chain to's actually kind of a big deal to me!
Remember how I said I hit my 10%?  
This was my reward!!!
I weighed in today, and I not only hit the mark...but I also came home down from vacation on their scales!
My official weight today... 179.8!
I have left the 80's behind and don't have plans to go back!

So today, I'm celebrating!
I hit my 10% and got my award!
I lost 0.8 lbs while on vacation for 2 long weeks (eating out EVERY SINGLE MEAL!)
I am in the 70's for the first time in.....who knows how long!

Yes, I think I'll celebrate!
(But now how you think...the old me would celebrate with food, more specifically ICE CREAM.  The new me is ready to celebrate by fitting into my smaller sized jeans!!)

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