Friday, October 11, 2013

Do Better

Daily Accountability:  I am still holding strong with my streak!  Hit my 10k steps again yesterday.

The weekend is coming fast.  It just so happens that it is fall break around here for my kids.  I had plans to make it a fun weekend until we got slammed with rain yesterday.  I have hopes that today will be better though, the sun is shining.

The sun is shining in more than one way!

Despite being ridiculously sore, I am seeing the sun shine.  I haven't stepped back on the scale, but plan to on Monday (and I'll report it on here).  I love that after 4 days of exercising again I am feeling good.  The soreness is a good sore.  Because I know my body will start changing.

Do I wish it would happen overnight?  Yeah, who wouldn't.

But I know that it takes time, a lifetime to be exact!  You see, even when I reach my goal things will still be difficult.  I'll still have the same fat-girl inside of me...whispering for me to eat the entire carton of ice cream, followed by 3 cookies.  I will always have that fat-girl tempting me.  And I'm sure some days I'll give in, but the key is to stay strong most days.  Each day is a new day, and no matter what happened yesterday...TODAY we can do better!

So that's your challenge (and mine!).  Do better TODAY.  Find something to work on, just one thing.  And focus on it over the weekend.  We can do better!  Enjoy your weekend!

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