Monday, June 16, 2014

The Train Keeps Moving

Last week I promised to check back in on Tuesday with my weight.

Obviously, that didn't happen.

Tuesday was a pretty crap-tastic day.  I'm not really going to go in to it on the blog, but I was pretty bummed about things that happened.  And I let it get to me all of Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Luckily, the damage I did with emotional eating connected to this event wasn't a total epic failure.

So, onto this week.  Because the train doesn't stop.  Time doesn't pause.  And frankly, I can't bump my brother wedding out any further because for some reason he thinks it's HIS decision on his wedding date.  :)

Today, I am not where I needed to be.  (scale-wise)
But.  Today I am where I need to be.  (mentally)

I've been focused, back to the no grains, mostly.  Yesterday was Father's Day and we went to my parents for a delicious BBQ.  I had decided way ahead of time that I was going to pass on the dessert.  Because nothing would taste as good as it would feel to hit my goal come September.

But then my mom made this.

Yep.  It's chocolate, and peanut butter, and cheesecake.  Pretty much all 3 of my weaknesses!!!

So I gave in to a piece.  And I wanted a second.  But I left the kitchen.  I call that a win.

Now, today I've gotta focus!  Like I said above, I'm not quite where I needed to be for my 3lb/week loss.  In fact, I'm basically a week behind.  So, I'm hoping to make it up a little each week for the next few weeks.

Today's Numbers:

Clearly, Jason is on track and KILLING it!  Way to go!  Keep it up, you are gonna drag me along one way or another.

As for me.  I did have a rough week.  But I'm focused.  And I want this.  And I'm doing it.  It's the little decisions we have to make each day that get us where we want to be down the road.  What steps are you taking today to ensure your success for the day, or the week, or this month?  If losing weight is something you want, focus on your eating.  I promise, losing weight is ALL about what you feed your body.  Maybe your ultimate goal seems too lofty.  Maybe it seems unattainable.  Only focus on this week.  THIS WEEK.  You can do ANYTHING for a week.  Then, focus only on today.  You can do this!!  WE can do this together!

Make today count!!

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