Monday, June 2, 2014

One Week In

We are officially one week into our challenge to lose weight by the wedding (so I can go to Marco Island, FL in December).

Just a re-cap, in case you aren't aware of what's happening:
Jason and I agreed that we both wanted to push to get healthy.  My youngest brother is getting married September 6th.  That gives us a great deadline to push for.  We decided if we BOTH lose 45 lbs by that date that I can book my plane ticket to Marco Island, FL and enjoy a little relaxation with Jason when he has his annual sales conference on the beautiful beach.

We started last week, and today we needed to weigh in 3 lbs less than last Monday.
Jason needed to be at 275.1 for a 3 lb loss, and I needed to be at 201.9.

........Drum Roll Please........

Jason: 271.1 (a 7 pound loss!!!)
Alisha:  198.9 (a 6 pound loss!!!)

We both more than doubled what we needed to do this week!

I already know the question we are going to get....HOW?
Simple:  NO grains.  NO sweets.  LOTS of veggies!!

Next weeks goal:
Jason:  268.1
Alisha:  195.9

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