Monday, March 3, 2014

Day of Gratitude

Sometimes the hard things in life can get you down.  At least, they can get me down!  Because most of you know my full story, I won't get into the hard things I've faced.  But I will say that as much as I've moved forward from everything that happened to me, each year as March 3rd comes around I feel anxiety.  Each year on this day, I hope to sleep past it...or that it would magically fall off the calendar.  Some years I've cried and cried through the day.  Others, I've been strong.  Throughout the year I don't really allow myself to go back to what happened to me all those years ago, however March 3rd is the one day I have allowed it.  

Each year it is different.  But most years it's been a hard day.

I've decided this year it was time to make a change.  This year I needed to do better.  So today, March 3rd is considered my own personal Gratitude Day!  And rather than feeling sorry for what happened to me, I'm going to be grateful that I am alive.

You see there was a time, all those years ago, that I didn't want to be alive anymore.  I didn't think I deserved to be happy, or to live.  Thankfully, I've worked through a lot of that.  Because now I look at my life and I tear up.

I am so blessed.

My house might be a mess, and there might not be food in my cupboards or fridge, and laundry might be stacked higher than high.

But I am blessed!

I have 4 beautiful children who love me.  I have an incredibly supportive husband who has stood by me through all the ugly times.  I have an incredible extended family who I love dearly.  And I have been blessed with the most incredible friends in this life!

13 years ago, I never thought I would be this blessed.

So today, I am focusing on how much this life has given me!  I am focusing on how strong my body is, both physically and mentally.  I am focusing on being a fighter.

I am grateful for today.  Yes, today....March the 3rd!

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