Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More sixes

It seems there is a lot of six happening around my house right now.  I'm now wearing sixes....today is my babies sixth birthday!  And lastly, I've got a six mile run up my sleeve when it warms up a little.

I'm excited for todays run.  Real excited to get a good one under my belt.

It's Thursday's run that has me a bit nervous, you know...when I go 8 miles.

Post 6 mile run:  
Todays run was beautiful.  Honestly, if my lungs would have been cooperating I would have said I loved it!  But I was struggling to breath and had to use my rescue inhaler more than I wanted.  Mile 4 was KILLER!  I remember running that mile and wanting to come home and the details from that mile.  It was by far my worst mile, and it was also by far the mile with a HUGE incline!  (Hence my difficulty breathing and slow pace!)

I was hoping to finish under an hour....sadly, I was just shy of that goal.  Here are my splits:
9:38, 9:45, 10:12, 11:10, 10:28, 10:08.  I tried to push really hard that last mile to get under the hour mark but I was exhausted and by that point I just had to focus on putting one foot in front of the other to finish.  

Average pace:  10:14 min/mile.  

I just compared my last 6 mile run to this one and was surprised that despite feeling like it was a slow run, I actually shaved 2.5 min off my overall pace.  Maybe I am getting faster even if it doesn't feel like it....


  1. Awesome Alisha! size 6!!! that fantastic. And Happy Birthday!

  2. I'm loving reading your blog tonight. Someone else that gets as exciting about all this "new" running as I do!


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