Monday, November 12, 2012

Beautiful moments.

I love beautiful moments!

Beautiful moments like these...

Before going to the store, I had my regular 8's on.  You know, the ones I wear comfortably.  (Without needing to unbutton when taking them off.)  I realized they were getting a little lose and wanted to "try" the next size down.  But it didn't dawn on me that the next size down was a SIX!  A blasted SIX!

When I tried these babies on I stood there shocked.  Seriously.  I was stunned beyond belief that I, Alisha Bowling, fit in a freaking 6 jegging!  I stumbled out of the dressing room in a daze.  Who woulda thunk that I could get to be a size 6?!

People, size 6 was my 'well maybe one day if I work really hard a size 6 will be my goal size'.  I'm at a SIX now.  (And I didn't want to tear the tags off because really I wanted to shout from the roof top to the entire world that I AM A SIX!)

I've come a long way from my 20's not so long ago.....


  1. Sooo stinkin' proud of you and your tiny self fitting into size 6's!! You continue to amaze and inspire me, keep at it girl!

  2. I am coming out of the reading to leave a comment. I love this posts, the only thing different I would have done is left the tag on and worn it where all could see:) Congrats!!!!


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