Friday, June 1, 2012

Back again...

Are you surprised?  :)

I go MONTHS with no accountability, but I'm back.

I even "quit" FaceBook until I can get focused and lose weight.  I had Jason change my password on FB and I have quit until I am down 15 pounds.  That means I won't be on FaceBook again until I see the 160's....169 to be exact.

I did that because I realize I waste time on FB.  I figured if I have time to waste there, I have more time I could be focusing on being active.  It was WAY TOO EASY to have access to FB on my iPhone.  I would open the app a lot.  TOO MUCH.

So I fixed the problem.  And now I have to work to get back on the site...kinda fun to be working toward something.

Yesterday I finished and hit my goal, but I haven't been very good at going above and beyond.

Today that is what I'm pushing myself for.  I will hit 4,000 today.  No excuses...

Let's make today better than yesterday...are you with me?

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