Thursday, May 31, 2012

Consistent, with no excuses.

Yesterday I pushed myself to finish my fuel points again.

It wasn't easy.

I wanted to stop at 1700, at 2361, at 2948.  Even at 3210.

But I didn't.  I kept going.

I can't lie to you and say it was easy.  I'm not sure what my issues are lately, but emotional is an understatement!  (And when I get emotional, I want to eat...LOTS.  And I want to sit in bed....LOTS.)

But rather than doing that, I picked myself up and tied my shoelaces up.  I went to work.  I wish I could say that solved the stuff I'm feeling right now.  It didn't.  But it probably helped.

As for eating yesterday....I give myself a B-.  I didn't fail miserably, but I also wasn't as good as I should have been!  (Hard when you have double stuffed oreos in the house!)

I haven't weighed myself for today yet...and I think I probably won't.  I am going to wait until the week is up.  It's too emotionally draining to weigh myself each day seeing the ups and downs.

So onto today, I'm gonna move it and shake it a little more!  :)  I might even try Zumba out with a neighbor....

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