Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I went back through my posts yesterday...back to the beginning.  I laughed out loud.  (Mostly in frustration.)  Yesterday my weight was almost exactly what my "starting" weight was on this blog way back last July.  Only last July, I was proud of this weight.  Yesterday I was ashamed.

So I thought about it all last night.  (As I was working out!)  Yes, it's disheartening to be BACK here.  But I need to let go of it.  I have still lost an amazing 48.6 pounds along this long journey.  I have come to realize I was foolish for putting a "deadline" on my weight.  It took me over a decade to put this weight on.  During that time I learned some terrible habits that I am still trying to break....habits that I will probably battle for the rest of my life!  I am a work in progress.  That is why I chose the blog name I did...My life IS IN progress!  I will get there because I will not quit.

So today I am celebrating all 48.6 pounds I have lost this far.  And slowly, I'll continue to add to that number day by day, inch by inch.

Last year, I learned that consistency is the key.  I will find that painful key again because I can do hard just watch and see!

SIDE NOTE:  I have been using the Nike+ Fuel Band for a little less than a month (minus the week I was on the cruise.)  I love it.  It is eye opening to see how much (or little, in my case) you do during the day.  I have set a daily Fuel Points goal at 3500 for now, but I will be upping it to 4000 before the end of the week.  I wear the band everywhere I go and can track my progress on my iPhone or on the band all day long.  (I can even compete against others with the band!)

So here's my accountability for yesterday.  Yesterday, when I had no intention of hitting my goal.  Yesterday, when I wrote the blog post I was at a measly 700 fuel points.  Math question:  do you know the difference between 3500 and 700?  A LOT!

But I stayed up, late after the kids went to sleep.  I walked and walked and walked.  (I felt like a pioneer!) By 11:37pm I hit goal (23 minutes to spare...)

But I hit it...3510 with over 10,000 steps in for the day.  Now to keep movin for today (I have 14 fuel points as of right now)...

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