Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Since I have a moment tonight (which is rare, I might add...) I thought I would share with you the back story on why skiing was so important to me!

For year, YEARS people, I have loved water skiing!  Solemn skiing to be exact.  And every year I would look forward to the Lake Powell trip to better my skills on the water.  That is, until a few years back.  (When I put on a chunk of weight!)

You see, I never realized how much weight effected being pulled out of the water.  Before, I would literally just pop out.  Like immediately, right when I said "hit it."  But adding 90 pounds seems to change things a bit.  (Who would have thunk it?)  I sure didn't clue in.  I mean I had an idea that it might be easier if I weighed less.  But those years when I struggled and struggled to get up...I really didn't realize how much it was my weight.  You see, my hands are not the strongest.  I have some carpal tunnel issues so I figured as the years passed that my hands were just getting weaker.  (Yes, I now realize I was just sugar coating things and making excuses for myself.)

Well this year, I went to Powell a significant amount smaller.  Yet, I was still hesitant behind the boat.  I just prayed and prayed that I would have the strength to hold on.

I was beyond words when on my very first try I was pulled right out of the water!  It felt good.  SO good!

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