Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh Boy

Man.  This is the longest I've gone without updating.

(That's never a good sign!)

We went to Powell and had a fabulous time!!  I even skied!

More on my skiing milestone...later.

We came home and my weight was about the same.  Then came my ridiculously crazy, busy week full of studying for my first big test in the nursing program.  So busy in fact, I forgot to go weigh in at WW last week.  Honestly, it just skipped my brain.

This also meant no exercising.  NONE!  This meant eating on the go.  LOTS!  This meant late night snacking.  TOO MUCH!

All this equals a big gain. So big in fact that I did NOT want to go weigh in today.  Remember how I said I hadn't gained weight any week "officially" since I started WW?  Well, that's not true anymore.  I was up a whopping 4.2 pounds.  Gross, huh?

So that's the bad news.  Here's the good:  being accountable and going in anyways made me refocus.  I have my tracker out and in use!  I have my eyes open so I am much more aware of what I'm snacking on. AND, my husband is home for the next few days and I made him promise me he would kick me out the door at nights to go for a run!  (I haven't ran in I don't know how long....)

Here's hoping I can turn myself around QUICK and get back on track!

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