Friday, February 5, 2016


So when I got home after working 15 hours yesterday, I was not thrilled when I looked at my Apple Watch and saw this:

It was 1030pm and the last thing I wanted to do was get on the treadmill. I was tired and grouchy and did I mention tired? 

The 200 pound Alisha would have talked herself out of getting on the treadmill. The 200 pound Alisha would have also probably grabbed her besties (Ben & Jerry) and hung out in bed all night.

But the soon to be in the 180's Alisha quickly changed into her gym clothes and sucked it up. And, she left her friends where they belonged, in the freezer. 

I really feel like the road to success with weight loss is doing something different than what your body has done for so long. Did I want to get on the treadmill? No. NO! But I had a choice: do what I've always done, or choose different. 

So I chose to keep going with my goal, even after a long and tiresome day. 

And waking up, I'm damn proud I did! Sure, it might have only been a 15 min walk, but it was a HUGE step! And it made getting on the treadmill that much easier this morning. 

Take a baby step today toward your goal!! (You'll thank me in the morning!)

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