Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January Summary

January has now come and gone.  I wanted to do a re-cap of the month yesterday, but got busy.  January was good to me.

Did I work out like I hoped?  No.
Did I follow a great meal plan and stick to it like I hoped?  Yes!!
Did I see results?  You betcha!

I'll paint you a picture:
(Just know I'm a little embarrassed at where my weight was at the beginning of the month.  And by "little" I mean a lot!)
(But accountability has always been a motivating factor to me, so here it is...)

Alisha's January Success
January 2nd weigh in:  207.1
February 1st weigh in:  192.2
Pounds lost in January:  14.9

I feel amazing.  I got in to a size 10 pants (which were tight, but they buttoned up!)

For February I have some lofty goals, one of them being hitting my apple watch "health" goals every single day for the month.  That will be a huge change, considering my activity was sketchy for the month of January.  But you know me, I always shoot for huge goals!  Day 2 and I'm already on track. :)

Want to know the coolest thing about January?

For the first time, in forever, Jason and I have both been on the same page in regards to our health.  That's right.  Not only did I have a great month, but so did he!  He was an animal at the gym, didn't miss a work out all month!  And his eating was great too...he had quite the impressive results.  I asked him if I could share, and he agreed.  Maybe by the February Summary I'll have a cute spreadsheet to track the progress.  Maybe...  :)

Jason's January Success:
January 3rd weigh in:  293.3
February 1st weigh in:  269.8
Pounds lost in January:  23.5

Crazy right?!  I already know what you are thinking....what are you doing?
Jason's month consisted of:
protein shakes in the morning after a treadmill run.  Then a healthy lunch of some sort.  Snacks would usually be string cheese.  Dinner would usually be fish or another lean meat.  Then he was at the gym at night, lifting weights and added a little more cardio to his day.  After the gym, he'd end the night with another protein drink.

Alisha's month consisted of:
Thrive for breakfast most days, protein bar for snacks, and a lean meat of some sort for lunch.  I also would snack on string cheese, and occasionally hard boiled eggs.  Dinner was usually a green smoothie of some sort, with yummy veggies.  And water.  Lots and lots and lots of water!

The biggest secret to our success for January?  CONSISTENCY.  Seriously.  We very rarely strayed from our plan.  And were focused.  Here's hoping February is just as consistent (with maybe a few additions for myself....the working out is what I really want to get back into my life!)

How bad do you want to see changes in yourself?  Are you willing to figure out a plan and then be consistent?  Join us, make February a month to be proud of!  I can promise you come March 1st that you will either be so glad you did, rather than a wish you would have.  You can do this, you are worth dusting yourself off and continuing forward...

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