Thursday, January 7, 2016


Time passes, one way or another. Today this popped up on my timeline:

Reminded me (very vividly) of the moment I finally found my health after everything. 

I am so proud of how hard I began fighting for me. Yes, I took a (long) break from this blog. (I probably even lost all the readers I had.) But here's the thing: I'm still me. And I'm still fighting.

I have no doubt I'll get back to where I was. And I'm grateful every day for the surprise Madi brought me. Clearly I wasn't ecstatic when I first found out. But man, I don't know what my life would be without that crazy girl.

Writing on this blog has always been so therapeutic for me. I forgot how much I needed and loved it for that reason. 

So here's to finding my health again like I finally did 3 years ago before my pregnancy. Here's to finding time for me despite being a crazy, full-time working mom. 

It's almost been 15 years since everything happened to me. I think it's time to keep pushing forward  publicly. I've always continued to try (even when I wasn't writing). But I've missed the aspect of trying to help others find themselves again as I worked on my own journey.

So if you're reading this today, thank you. Thanks for sticking with me. Know that I believe in you just as much as I believe in myself. Let's make this our 'Sweet 16' year!!!


  1. Love your blog - so happy you are back!

  2. I honestly am loving the Sweet 16 mantra! So much so I'm going to get out of my warm comfy bed and go wogging. Love you!


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