Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Last week I spent the week in one of my favorite places EVER.  
Lake Powell

We had a fantastic time enjoying skiing


Knee Boarding


And so much more!

That being said, Lake Powell came at a crummy time for me.
You see, I was already a little behind on what I needed to be at for my weight in order to go to Florida in December.  But I gave it a valiant effort to stay away from all the delicious treats while I was down there.

Was I perfect? 
Could I have been worse?
Ohhh yes!

Once I got home, I've been pre-occupied with some other things happening and didn't put anytime into focusing on jumping back into working out or eating well.

But yesterday was July 1st.  
And Monday, (the 30th) I started a weight loss competition with an old softball friend of mine.
So I figured new month, new contest, new focus!

Just a re-cap on last month...
I started the month off at:

I finished the month off at:

Pretty pathetic, right?  0.3 pounds down.
What that number doesn't show you is how low I actually got for the month.
What that number also doesn't tell you is the water weight I must have been holding on to from Lake Powell.  You see, between Monday and today (the 2nd) all that has changed is 2 runs, lifting weights, and a little extra caution with my diet.  (Read:  no grains, lots of veggies, lots of water)

I didn't weigh in yesterday.  But today I jumped on the scale after my 4 mile run and saw this:

I was pleasantly surprised to be starting July off at the lowest number I had seen in June.
Now for some work!

On Instagram I made some goals as part of a #JulyFitnessPhotoChallenge to help me continue to drop and stay focused:
1.  Run 4 times a week (marathon training)
2.  Lift at least 3 times a week (in our home gym)
3.  No grains for 6/7 days of the week (I'm allowing one free day)
4.  Be outdoors and active 1 day a week with kiddos/family (hike, swim, bike, walk, etc)

So there you have it.
My July plan.
Here's to seeing how much change I can muster up in the next 31 days 
(well...since today is already the 2nd, I guess I only have 29 days left.....)

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