Monday, September 2, 2013

The beginning. Again.

Today it started again.

Over the weekend I planned out my plan.  (Yes.  I'm an over-planner.)

I made myself spreadsheets.
I took measurements.
I weighed in.

And.  I recruited my Mr. to join me this time around.

That's right folks.  Over the next 4 months, I will be reporting (good or bad) on both mine and Jason's progress.

We are doing this TOGETHER for the first time.

In the past, he's gotten motivated and ready to lose weight....and I wasn't.
And then I got motivated to lose all my weight when he wasn't around, thus coming home to a wife of a new size...

This time, we both are ready.

We opted to turn one of our rooms into this:

I've never been a lifter.  Like ever.  Ever, ever!  

But I not only want to lose the weight I put on in my pregnancy, but I also want to firm up my body.  There's a saying that I love...losing weight helps you look good in clothes, lifting weights helps you look good out of them.

That's just it, friends.  I want to be healthy and FIT!  I want definition to my body.  I want curves, but I want ripped curves.  I'm not aiming to be a body builder, by any means!  But I am aiming to be fit.

So for the next 12 weeks, I have made our excel spreadsheets and will be following a routine.  Mine and Jason's are a bit different.  But we both have our plan set, and we have both already finished our workouts for today!

We took measurements last night and I will share those with you as we have something to compare them to.  However, I'll probably be sharing the weekly weigh-in's more frequently than the measurements.  

I feel great!  I am excited, here comes a new couple...I can't wait!

(Now I'm off to find a great sports bra for these nursing boobies....any suggestions???)


  1. Yay! Glad you are back! You're always an inspiration and I recently shared my weight loss struggles and need all the motivation I can get :)

  2. That's the spirit! I just also started my weight loss program. Again! I'll be needing a lot of motivation right now. Fortunately, I found your blog. Let's do this! :-D


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