Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So remember how I was complaining about my wardrobe...or lack there of?

Well there's some benefit to complaining on the blog.  There is also some benefit in humbling myself and admitting my true size at the moment for all the blogging world to see.  (Or for the 3 people who read this...)

You see...I have an absolutely fantastic neighbor who also knows the woes of losing weight.  She has dropped some weight and is looking SMOKIN' right now.  She was kind enough to offer some of the clothes she had that are in my current size!

I came home with an entire sack full of brand new (to me) clothes.  (Seriously, they looked like they should still have the tags on them!)

There is really nothing better when you are losing weight than to have clothes that actually fit!  Even if it's just a few...or even if it's just for a moment.  It is that satisfaction of having things fit the way they should!  And as fantastic as that satisfaction is, it is hard to justify buying new clothes each size of the pocket book would have a fit!

So, Marissa...thank you.  I LOVE them, and had a mini-fashion show in my bedroom the other night feeling all fancy in your old, my new clothes.

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