Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer is Hard

Let me just say what you all are thinking:


But really, replace "summer" with "anytime."  Because that's the truth.  Yes, it was the 4th of July this past week.  And oh boy, did we celebrate!  We enjoyed a delicious breakfast in the canyon with my fantastic family.  (Have I mentioned that breakfast is my FAVORITE meal?)  (Because it is!)

That evening we also kept with tradition and had a marvelous firework show with home made ice cream.

I'll be honest.  Not once did I ever consider saying "no" to either of these things.  Because you see, this is my life.  And I am going to enjoy the traditions that come with it.  Did that mean that July 5th I continued celebrating?

Nope.  Not at all.

In fact, I still have strawberry homemade ice cream in my freezer that I haven't even been tempted to touch.

You see, you have to live.  You can't deprive yourself.  This journey I am on does not have a finish line.  There is no, "well I have to avoid it all NOW...until I reach some number, only to then binge myself sick with all the foods I've avoided."

I've stuck to my plan.  One day a week I can not be accountable for what I eat.  For me, July 4th was that day.  And since then, I've lifted and ran and worked out and eaten great.

All in all, I'm very happy with the results I had this last week.

(Obviously I'm still a bit behind in my tracking for Marco Island, but I'm going to keep pushing and see what I can make happen!)

Clearly, my results aren't quite what my crazy husband managed to do.  But, he was also working out 3 times a day (sometimes more) and he cut out all fast food.  Up until this last week, he ate out pretty much every lunch wherever he wanted to for work.  He stopped that completely.  He stayed focused with food.  Eating lots of protein and veggies.  Man, if only I could have a week like that!

In all seriousness, it feels fantastic to be running along side someone who is pushing me to be better.  We lift together either in the morning or at night every day.  I LOVE it.  It's our time!  I love that I have seen a change in his body already, and he in mine.  This ride we are taking is a lot more fun with a partner and I'm grateful to have him as mine.  We haven't always been "good."  In fact, we've had some pretty rough times in the past.  (Not something I'll dive in to today, but possibly in the future as it relates...)  The point is, neither of us has given up.  We've begun really working on communicating better, and making each other a priority.  Anything worth having takes work!  Marriage, friendships, family relationships, getting healthy.  It all takes constant work.

So I challenge you this week.  Work on what is important to you!  That is the steps Jason and I have taken.  We are putting all our energy and focus into the positive parts of our life.  Life has enough ups and downs, there is no need to focus on the negative or the drama.  Instead choose to live your best life.  It won't be easy.  There will be negativity all around.  So you have to make a choice.  Today.  Right now.  Choose to focus on what makes you a better person....I promise, it works!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Last week I spent the week in one of my favorite places EVER.  
Lake Powell

We had a fantastic time enjoying skiing


Knee Boarding


And so much more!

That being said, Lake Powell came at a crummy time for me.
You see, I was already a little behind on what I needed to be at for my weight in order to go to Florida in December.  But I gave it a valiant effort to stay away from all the delicious treats while I was down there.

Was I perfect? 
Could I have been worse?
Ohhh yes!

Once I got home, I've been pre-occupied with some other things happening and didn't put anytime into focusing on jumping back into working out or eating well.

But yesterday was July 1st.  
And Monday, (the 30th) I started a weight loss competition with an old softball friend of mine.
So I figured new month, new contest, new focus!

Just a re-cap on last month...
I started the month off at:

I finished the month off at:

Pretty pathetic, right?  0.3 pounds down.
What that number doesn't show you is how low I actually got for the month.
What that number also doesn't tell you is the water weight I must have been holding on to from Lake Powell.  You see, between Monday and today (the 2nd) all that has changed is 2 runs, lifting weights, and a little extra caution with my diet.  (Read:  no grains, lots of veggies, lots of water)

I didn't weigh in yesterday.  But today I jumped on the scale after my 4 mile run and saw this:

I was pleasantly surprised to be starting July off at the lowest number I had seen in June.
Now for some work!

On Instagram I made some goals as part of a #JulyFitnessPhotoChallenge to help me continue to drop and stay focused:
1.  Run 4 times a week (marathon training)
2.  Lift at least 3 times a week (in our home gym)
3.  No grains for 6/7 days of the week (I'm allowing one free day)
4.  Be outdoors and active 1 day a week with kiddos/family (hike, swim, bike, walk, etc)

So there you have it.
My July plan.
Here's to seeing how much change I can muster up in the next 31 days 
(well...since today is already the 2nd, I guess I only have 29 days left.....)

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